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Hey, nice mod but I am having a problem.

I have all the options enabled in UCP but only 1 will actually show for some reason, here is the code I have

[phpcode]<!-- message -->
<div id="post_message_$post[postid]">
<!--Custom Font-->
<if condition="$post['field6'] OR $post['field7'] OR $post['field8'] OR $post['field9'] OR $post['field10'] OR $post['field11']">

<span style="font: $post[field6]px $post[field8]; color: $post[field7]; font-weight: $post[field9]; font-style: $post[field10]; text-decoration: $post[field17];">$post[message]</strong></span>

<else />

<!--/Custom Font-->
<!-- / message -->[/phpcode]

Thats the code for both postbit and postbit_legacy.

Thanks for any help mate.
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