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  1. Install
  2. Create one or more Custom Profile Fields to hold the video URL(s).
  3. Broswe to your AME CP in your Admin CP. There will be a new option called AMEFY. Click it.
  4. Click Add New
  5. Enter the settings (pretty self explanatory).
  6. Edit your profile and enter one or more links into the custom profile field(s) you created and save.
  7. Go behold the beauty of your profile.

  • You can have multiple links in a custom profile field. Just make sure that you make the profile field large enough to house a lot of text (multiple line textboxes are good for this)
  • You can display a random video a couple of ways. Either have multiple profile fields assigned to an AMEFY entry or create a multi line textbox and allow users to enter multiple URLs. AMEFY can then randomly select one of those they entered when their profile is viewed.

Attached are a couple quick examples of configurating profile fields to use with AMEFY

Here is an example of how to create and set up a single AMEFY. First shot is a screenie of the custom profile field, the second is of me setting it up in AMEFY.
profilefield_single.jpg amefy_single.jpg

Here is an example where I have told AMEFY to combined 2 profile fields into the same group. These will display in their own tab.


Here is an example of setting up a large multi line text box and telling AMEFY to randomly select one of the URL(s) found in it.
profilefield_multi.jpg amefy_multirnd.jpg

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