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Originally Posted by cTak View Post
Feature request.


I like the feature that creates a thread for new vehicles. I also like that you can edit the thread subject and body. BUT, Can you make it so you can use things like {username} and {vehicle} in the subject as well as the body?

I have a thread just for new vehicles, and all I see on the page is thread after thread of the same thing. "A new vehicle has been created in the garage!" I want it to be more specific! Like
"John has added a Corvette to his garage!"

Can you make this change in the next release? Or post how to make the changes to do that?

I can add it with the next release. If you want to do it for now, change the text in the subject to have the {username} and {vehicle} and then
open includes/garage_func_var.php
$pagetext = str_replace('{vehicle}', $full_veh_link, $pagetext);
After add

$title = str_replace('{username}', $new_veh_user['username'], $title);
$title = str_replace('{vehicle}', $veh_name, $title);
That will show the username and the full vehicle name in the subject. If you want to just display part of the vehicle name you will need to write some code in there to select just the part you want.
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