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Originally Posted by cTak View Post
Well after looking it over, it works but doesn't.

It does show the name and vehicle in the subject title, but, the thread body text is using the same text as the thread subject.

In my admin, I have
title: {username} added their {vehicle} to the garage!
body: {username} has created a new vehicle in the garage. Go check out their {vehicle}!

But the thread shows up as:
title - brian added their 2011 BMW M3 to the garage!
body - brian added their 2011 BMW M3 to the garage!
Hmm, does the code look like this now? I just tried it in my dev and it works

$pagetext = str_replace('{username}', $full_user_link, $vbulletin->options[garage_post_text]);
$pagetext = str_replace('{vehicle}', $full_veh_link, $pagetext);

$title = str_replace('{username}', $new_veh_user['username'], $title);
$title = str_replace('{vehicle}', $veh_name, $title);

$threaddm->set_info('forum', $foruminfo);
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