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Thank you both for the comments

I have taking the 1st posters advice on many aspects, and removed quite a few of the suggested items. I have kept the arcade and associated features. I have fixed the broken skype graphic link, and removed the clutter blocks at top of the board (Classifieds). I have removed the default VB social bookmarking options, and the ones the 1st poster defined as 'Unclickable'.

I have deleted some other small stuff that was calling pages or running queries etc.

@Replicant, I have Tapatalk installed and running with no issues so far. I also have my board set to display the default VB4 responsive mobile theme to mobile viewers. And i agree that the VB5 version was less cluttered looking, but it also lacked many of the features my members were asking for. (My members are actually members of a real life social organization, and have asked for many of the features I have already installed).

I will work further on ways to reduce load times etc.. as that seems to be the main issue. I did a recheck with website grader, and everything else is scoring well.

Thank you both again for the advice.
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