Thread: New Posting Features - Discourage Trampling (For Help-Based Forums)
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Originally Posted by kh99 View Post
lol, if this were installed here I would hardly ever post. I really never thought about it but I guess I do this all the time. But I also expect it to be done to me if someone else can help or sees I'm not on the right track.
I wouldn't use this product here if I were an admin.

I think the atmosphere is different here...we are not helping students, trying to engage them in the learning process. The kind of scenario I initially wrote this is where a student might ask for help with finding the roots of a quadratic equation, and helper 1 asks the student if they have tried to use the quadratic formula, and if so can they identify a, b and c.

Then helper 2 comes along an hour later and posts a complete solution, thereby destroying help 1's attempt to guide the student, and help them learn to work quadratic equations on their own rather than just spoon-feeding the solution to them, which does little in the way of teaching them.
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