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Originally Posted by Paul M View Post
Perhaps I'm not understanding this - are you saying that if I am using a style (let's call it 'My-Style') that is a child of the MASTER STYLE then TMS will not work on any of the 'My-Style' templates unless they are customised versions in My-Style (i.e. not inherited from MASTER) ?
No. It means:
If your postbit template is not customized in style 'My Style' (which inherits from MASTER), you can't apply modifications to this template that are different from the modification applied to MASTER postbit template.
Technical background: Templates that are inherited only exist as references.

so what does it do exactly?
Basically: It allows you to modify templates without customizing them.
This means, that your modifications will still work after vBulletin updates - vBulletin will not 'complain' about outdated templates.
It means that you don't have to edit templates manually if the product support TMS - just install/uninstall/activate/deactivate, the template stuff will be done automatically.
All this is done without any overhead at frontend runtime.

If you are using this modification and have added template-modifications for products released on to your installation - feel free to export your XMLs and share them with others here.

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