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Originally Posted by Nickbe View Post
I started with $70 a month bought be a great hosting package on a shared server. Everything went fine then they started letting spammers make accounts and every days a new ISP would ban an IP address I would be using for spamming. It was not me spamming but since the IP address was shared I was punished for it.

I ask around and people tell me "go dedicated", fine I sign up to dedicated servers paying something like $250 per month. 'Perfect' I thought, no more mail issues.... seems like I was wrong. There server does not send to yahoo or hotmail. I contact support and they tell me that my IP address tried to send 500 emails to yahoo and hotmail all in the space of one hour and yahoo/hotmail cued them...... for two days now.

Is there a hosting package around that allows my forum to send those stupid automated messages 100, 200 even 1000 times an hour without being cured by yahoo/hotmail.

My older server you to send just as many and it never cued.

What the hell is going on here, is it possible that whenever somebody sends to may emails at once hotmail says "you are cued for 24 hours or more"?

I am sure somebody here with a large forum that has the thread subscription feature is sending more than 500 emails at once to yahoo and/or hotmail.

Any advice on what I should do at this point? I just moved to this sever on Friday and its is not working. I mean even if I was a low-life spammer I just changed the sites IP and its still not working. It is a new IP that I have never used before. Also I send emails from other servers using the same email address and they get through fine. It is specifically

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I forgot to add I am not getting any bounce backs they just do not go through.

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