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Originally Posted by numberguy View Post
Thank-you, KW802!

Should I switch from ibProArcade - professional Arcade System for vBulletin, or go to v3 and why? If you don't mind me asking.

sorry, english is my second language.
That is not the easiest answer because everybody will have a different opinion on it. My opinion will be a bit biased because v3 Arcade is my project. But, with that said, a few things to consider would be...

- v3 Arcade has been designed from scratch to work with vBulletin; the other arcade was not.

- v3 Arcade has a dedicated support site; the other arcade does not.

- v3 Arcade has support for Mochi Media games, which can help bring in some revenue to your site and provides you with access to thousands of free games; the other arcade does not.

- v3 Arcade has a dedicated lead developer; the other arcade, at least at the present time, does not appear to.

- v3 Arcade is constantly adding new features and looking for ways to make integration with vBulletin easier (and hence why there are two separate versions for vB3 & vB4); the other arcade seems to rely mostly upon hacks & fixes submitted by users.

Again, though, that is just my own personal opinion. Some people love the other arcade and find no problems with it on their site.
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