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Originally Posted by cory_booth View Post
I get the security tokin is missing with an arcade score save - is there any code for the index.php?
Cory, thanks for reminding about that.

Because there is no corresponding plugin available for us to use to capture IPB scores in the CMS page, like there is in the forum home page, there is a file edit needed.

FAQ: IPB Scores Not Saving With vB4 Suite CMS

For vBadvanced CMPS users who have vBa CMPS as their home page and they have vBa CMPS in the same folder as vBulletin, you will also need to do an edit for saving IPB scores for the same reason as the CMS users (because the plugin available to use in the forum home page is not available to us in the vBa CMPS page).

FAQ: IPB Scores Not Saving With vBadvanced CMPS

Don't worry, we tried making it as simple as possible so it is just a one-line change.
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