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Re: Christmas Time (Fixed Width)

Originally Posted by Fataqui
I think I will have to make each different to support that specific browser. IE is first because it is the easiest. FireFox and Opera will be next!
First, thank you for the style, my friend is very happy with it. I love the snow, I love any snow and want to see it outside too. But for the time being... what about Netscape? I'm a die hard Netscape user, I love my tabs, and I can't see the snow with it. I went back to your readme file and saw the line:

<if condition="is_browser('ie')"><object id='swflash'

I came back here to see if I was doing something wrong and found your post I quoted. (This was after I upgraded Netscape 7.1 to 7.2 to see if that would fix it!

Thanks again, I wish I knew how to do it, you are appreciated!
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