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Changing the mainpage color scheme


I recently upgraded to 4.1 and have the default vB look on the first page. In 3.8x versions it was easy to change the color schemes in the css, in 4.1 it says it is there for reference only and obsolete. I tried creating a new style with the style generator function and saved it but the site mainpage won't change, only individual forums. How do I change the mainpage to a color scheme I like, it doesn't seem to show up in forum manager to select something else.

The see what I mean the site is and I want to change it from light blue to black for now.

Can someone help?


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I would also like to know how to change the font size for the mainpage and threads and titles.


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BTW, I went under styles and settings in options and changed it there too but it remains light blue.

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