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Originally Posted by Paul M View Post
I have no clue what this thread is supposed to be about either, but I do know that arguments with other members will get it closed, so I suggest you move away from that.
You can close it Paul without any problem from my side (as I'm thread's starter). Honestly I wanted to know the reason that prohibites members to registret in coder's side. That's why I took the risk to appear again rude and I asked it straight, face to face.

It was easy to use a trick and push them to register in my site. A few only appreciated it. No problem, I'll use the "PRO" version way as most coders are doing.

Originally Posted by Paul M View Post
Yes, it was removed at the time, and quite correctly as well.
It was not your modification, and not your position to be criticizing members who post requests to the actual coder (who, for all you know, might have been quite happy to get the suggestion).
echhhh... come on. This is not totally true. Wrong that I criticazed something that it was not mine, but there was before a reply from the author saying almost the same. Anyway. Maybe I'm wrong after almost 2 years.
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