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Ok, I think I know what's going on...the instructions are bad...

There are 2 different instructions about the keywords, and neither work for me.

The one shown here on this page:
Replace that line with: auctionads_ad_kw = "$vbauctionad_keywords";
The one shown in the readme file:
Replace that line with: auctionads_ad_kw = "$auctionads_keywords";
If you look at the red, you'll see that they are both different. Which is right? For me, neither are right b/c the ads still don't load.

EDIT: I have to head out right now so I'll be back in a few hours. Just post to let me know if you need any more information on my end and I'll be sure to post it once I get back. If you need more screenshots, let me know. I think I've posted all the evidence needed to show that I have done as said in the instructions but if there's anything else, please let me know.
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