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Valter says here that he cannot post it without permission.

However, given that this mod is marked as "unsupported", I see no reason why Psionic Vision would object to you supporting it on his behalf for us using vb4.

In addition, despite many requests for an update, Psionic Vision has obviously decided that he is not going to entertain them, as is evident from his absence in this thread.

Hence, I would move the proposal to have Valter do it for us; given that the request has already been made and Psionic Vision has not replied, we can assume that it is safe to do so unless Psionic Vision comes back in this thread to say that he is disallowing it.

Go Go Valter!

Originally Posted by Valter View Post
I can not post it without Psionic Vision's permissions.

I've already asked for permissions, but there is no reply yet.
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