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CMS viewing permission issues

I am having a problem setting up viewing permissions, briefly I want to acheive this:

Limited viewing for guests or unregistered / not logged in members (only want them to see article previews with thumbnail images in all sections

this is what I have done thus far

All articles in the CMS have preview permissions set to YES
In my main section I have set can read and can download attachments to YES

In my sub-sections can read is set to NO and download attachments to YES

Result is guests can go to the home page (main section) and see previews with thumbnails (perfect) note all articles in this section belong to sub-sections and are only pubished here.

None of the sub-sections can be seen by guests on the widget (yes show on widget is turned on) If I change the can read permissions to yes for this user group under sub-sections they can read full articles which is pointless as they would never register.

Any solutions anybody, I thought VB allowed this and was set up this way as standard??

Thus far support has not been able to come up with a solution they have been helpful in trying just not sucessfull
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