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Mark --

First, let me thank you for fixing an issue I was seeing... similar setup to yours, except guests, etc. were not seeing images on the front page; changed all subsections so that guests, etc. were set to read=no, download attachments=yes, and now the images show up on the Front Page when I set the permission override. Thank you for inadvertantly fixing my problem.

Are you trying to fix the fact that the Sections do not display on the Section Widget for non-logged-in/non-subscriber users? I am seeing the same thing on my site. :/

...strangely enough, ALL of the categories are shown in the Category Widget. Maybe a temporary work-around would be to set up a 'Category' for each subsection (in the AdminCP), and tag the subsections with those categories. Of course, if the unregistered user clicks on the category in the widget, they get the "you don't have access; please log in" page...

- Brian
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