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confessionary hack

basically what i would like is a hack where users can make annonymous confessions which other users and guests can then read.
  • i would like for the confession submission page to be seperate and for rules to be displayed next to the confession input box
  • some sort of page where it says all confessions are annoymous
  • i would like to be able to set it to accept guest confessions from the acp (sometimes the board makes enemies, they may try and flood the confession page with ++++ if guest confessing is on, so i would like to be able to turn it off if i get any problem)
  • and so that each confession can have it's own id number which you could then click it would show the confession seperately and then you could report it or vote for it as a good/bad confession.
now for some of you this will be like 10 minutes work, for others it could be a week but if i picked up anything from around here, i know it'll be ++++ easy

my thinking was it would be kinda like the shoutbox, except you'd have a different page to actually make the shout, a 3rd page to display the rules seperately and a 4th page to display the confession seperately and enable users to rate the confession/report it.
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