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Hey everyone,
First of all thanks for taking the time to check out this post, I guess I am in the same boat as every one who has taken the plunge with vBulletin 4 and attempting to modify it as much as I possibly can.

I was hoping someone here may be able to assist me with what I am currently trying to do, all help you can provide would be greatfully appreciated.

I am attempting to put a background in the forum description section - the only difference is I want the background to be different on each forum.

So for example on this site it says:
News and Announcements then the forum description - in that description area I would like to have BackgroundA.png

vBulletin Pre-Sale Questions and the forum description - in that description I would like to have BackgroundB.png.

Now in terms of sizes/alignment I have not changed anything but colors on the default theme so the size it is on there is the size I want - Or If the coding would allow I would love to have just a small image aligned to the right, where it is hard up against the Threads/Post information.

Please if you know how to do this let me know as it will add to the customization of my site that I am attempting to do.

Once again thank you in advance.
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