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Originally Posted by TimberFloorAu View Post
Had you read the first line of the mod:
I did not read the first line, sorry. My post was not an attack on your mod, but I felt the need to share that I'm not a fan of popups, or anything else that intrude on my web browsing. I'm sure it's a brilliant mod for those who want this.

Originally Posted by TimberFloorAu View Post
Plus you havent downloaded it ?? Bizarre mate, perhaps you could have looked at the code, which we have provided everything.. and customised it to suit a particular need.
Like I said above, I'm sure the coding is excellent and the mod is working fine, I just don't have the need to download something I won't use. If you were offended by my post, I apologize. It was not my intention.

Originally Posted by TimberFloorAu View Post
I am sure you could find a use for this, just need to think outside the box.
You will be the first to know when/if I do
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