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Thumbs down vb5 is a disappointment

I was a heavy vb3 user back in the day, and recently I decided to try my hand at another internet forum, so yesterday I made the choice of buying vBulletin based on my past experiences. I went to install the software and was hit in the face with a plethora of bugs and issues that seem to be stupid mistakes on the part of the vBulletin developers that should have been caught long ago. For instance, when installing smilies I was encountered with broken images only to discover that the smilies are not in the location that vbulletin expected them to be in - they were in the core/images directory, when vbulletin by default thought they should be located in the /images folder. Also attached is a screenshot from the smilies install area, note the last two lines in the "info" about installing new smilies, apparently smilies change their name from smiley.png to smilie.png

I have submitted a request for a refund, this software is useless.
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