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Angry CKEditor disappearing!

I am having problems with my CKEditor disappearing on my site. I can't find any reason why. For example, my development site was working properly at 2 am this morning after installing all my mods and add-ons. Repeated testing of the forum proved it was working. By 10 am when I came back to the site to prepare to deploy the code to my live site now the CKEditor is missing, [email protected]$*&@~! I have had this problem repeatedly. I have searched and found a number of "fixes" but none of them work for me. I have created a new style and that fails too. The only way I have ever fixed this is to delete all the code, reload from my download source and start over. The frustrating part is the problem does not appear at any time after I install each mod or plugin. As I mentioned earlier, I ran the site for over two hours after the last mod/plugin was made and the site was working well in all respects.

I don't want to have to start again. The lack of useful editing tools is making our forum look like a joke. I am starting to question whether the joke is vBulletin.

Just to be clear, the sprite.png file does exist in the images/editor folder. The new style should be using that location, though I don't see on my site where custom styles ever created unique file locations for data. I think that whole line of inquiry is a smokescreen. In the new style there are no customized stylevars or custom templates. The only custom stylevars and templates exist in another style named BigDog's that is not currently set as the default for the site.

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