Thread: New Posting Features - UnC Move Post Icons Above Message Area.
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Okay I tested and I see what your saying.. but actually even though it bounces back up to the no icon section.. if you press enter and have the thread title filled in and message is long enough it enters. I use tab to enter all my threads and never noticed that lol.

My test went like this hit new thread > hit tab (takes me to title box) type title > hit tab again (takes me to icons) arrow key to the icon I want > hit tab again (takes me to message box) type message) hit tab again and it goes back to up to the no icon. Press enter it submits the thread (even though the tab is positioned on the no icon). It doesnt change to no icon either. It stays what I previously chose.

One thing though. I always had to click post icon as tabbing took me straight to enter (default vb). Seems no matter what you do.. sometimes you gotta click. lol Like for the new tags system.

I'm not sure how to make it tab to enter instead of back to no icon but I will investigate.

It works.. as long as you dont look. LOL
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