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Issues with 'New user' and 'send email to user' 4.2.2 PL 4

Hi there,

I upgraded to 4.2.2 PL 4 a couple of weeks ago and have tried to send a monthly update to active members (using the same settings).

I ran a test email and all went well. I then ran the actual 'send email to users' and it seemed to go without any problem. However, we haven’t received a copy of the update and the email normally generates a lot of bouncebacks, automatic out-of-office responses as well as genuine responses from our members.

However, have seen a small trickle of responses from members with older user numbers, so it seems that the email is either being sent/received gradually or has stopped halfway through. We've also not received a 'new user' email since yesterday morning.

The hosting company are saying that emails are working, our mail servers seem okay, so I'm wondering if the upgrade to 4.2.2 has thrown up some other issues that I need to look into? Have I missed something?

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