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very nice, thx alot..
One question..
If in ltr the image comes before the text
(example : sometext <img src="arrow-left.png" />)
in rtl wouldnt you want to have the image on the other side of the text?
(example : <img src="arrow-right.png" /> sometext)

does that meen you have to float every single bit of text?
for the example above the code would be:

<img style="float:{vb:stylevar right}" src="arrow-{vb:stylevar right}.png" /> <span style="float:{vb:stylevar right}">sometext</span>
I meen do you have to float the text also.. because otherwise the spacing between image and arrow would become huge..
Or is there a better solution? because that would meen that ever bit of text has to be floated, giving potential clearing errors on numerus occasions..

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