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Originally Posted by reasoner View Post
The same to me. (4.1.4) I don`t see anything in the frontend!? (I can give you no link, because i installed it in my test-VB
Very sorry about that. Yes I have uploaded the zip file now instead of just the xml.

Originally Posted by singh9211 View Post
can please provide the download link to whole zip file as u have mentioned, currently only product xml file is available for download.........
I have no way of testing this with VBSEO installed. My only guess if maybe VBSEO overrides the default Like Button as well for some reason.

I have installed this on the following forums:

VB 4.1.4 Suite
VB 4.1.2 Forum Only
VB 4.0.8 Forum Only

It worked on all of them on different servers, but none of them have VBSEO installed.

Just to double check make sure you have Enabled the mod and enabled the extra share buttons- everything is disabled by default.
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