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Delay timer for post to become public

I'm not sure if something already exists or not that would allow an Admin to create a post and delay it from becoming public until a specific time? As a part of the changes that has been done on my site, I want to create a Social Media campaign for "Player of the Day" that would either take the person to the Player Page directly (I have this figured out - here is a sample of the content - OR go to a post on the forums where there is a write-up about the player and then have links to various spots on the site.

The 2nd option is preferable because not only do we have a listing of the majority of the players known sports cards, we have database for people to send out for autograph request...

If I am able to go with the 2nd option, I would also like to make this a "Featured Post" on the site for that day. But this is something that I will look to find later.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or known solutions

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