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VBG now has the Beta 3 releases for 3.8.11 & 4.2.5.

Just a note for anyone not aware.

I finish at IB on Friday 26th May.

The Final Releases of 4.2.5 & 3.8.11 are scheduled for Wednesday 17th May.
The next release is Beta 4, in 1 or 2 weeks time, there will be at least 1 RC around April time.
Other than that, there will probably be a couple of other releases (depends on what bugs get logged really).

If you find bugs related to PHP 7, please log them, or they may not get fixed.
It will be too late once I'm gone, I dont expect anyone else to do anything on them.
There will almost certainly be no more 3x or 4x releases, except necessary patches [e.g. security issues].
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