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Originally Posted by lange View Post
No problem for me (3.8.11).

Thread Display Options (showthread)/Show Similar Threads : enabled
Message Searching Options/Automatic Similar Thread Search : enabled

The rest by default.
on a test board? with minimal post? (say 20 threads)

--------------- Added 05 Oct 2020 at 12:31 ---------------

heyyyyy what do you know, I run a script to generate a shit ton of threads, then one to generate a shit ton of posts. So now with 204 threads, and 49,805 posts I rebuilt and BAM similar was filled in the DB. *facepalm*

yet none of the following threads are similar (random off the top of head threads lol) *facepalm*
Monster dog eats cat
Monster cat eats dog
Monster Cat eats Monster Dog
Monster Dog eats Monster Cat
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