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Originally Posted by helpmehost View Post
How can I set it in a way that just a particular country can login all other countries cant
also not proxies
If you wish I could probably add an option to only allow your country. As for the proxies, why would it matter to block them? They will already be blocked. You are defining the IPs that you wish to ALLOW access to the AdminCP, so if they are using a proxy they won't have access.

Originally Posted by fattony69 View Post
Why not setup an .htaccess file?
The main reason for me is if I add a new Administrator I don't want to leave the AdminCP to go open up my ftp client to download the file and add their IP. To me this is just a good feature to have.

Another reason is that not all servers support the .htaccess IP denying. I know my old server use to not allow me. I had to call them up to actually get them to allow an IP.

Originally Posted by apiasto View Post
looks very helpful,but the same question regarding IP changes.these days most service providers often change IPs.if you can resolve this issue,i am up for it.cause in days like these we do need something like this.thanks
by the way if i disable all hacks via server.will it then allow me to loginto admin panel?thnx
I added a way to disable the modification via ftp. Once disabled change your IP settings and then reupload the files from the modification.

As far as a regular way to do it without uploading anything, would partial IPs work for people who's IP changes? If so I could add an option for this.
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