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Anyone want my Cold :-)

God have i been bad, Since Sunday My head been blocked, Stuffy nose, Headache the full works, I've been taking the Cold and flu tabs from the chemist and now i guess i'm getting a bit better, Mainly a blocked nose now

I still carried on going to work as there are only a few of us and no one sees me for the best part of the day, so its cool, Even my boss has a cold too!!

Is anyone else feeling poorly??m Perhaps post here and we could cheer each other up

Its not fun having a cold/flu but what makes me angry is that everyone assumes its swine flu. I even read in the paper today that a woman died in the UK because they said she had swine flu, but she had something else completely different

As i said i'm getting better now, thanks to Mrs UKBL buying me Cold and Flu tablets, But in all this panic about Swine flu, lets remember some of us still manage to get the old Cold/Flu

be carefull out there and Wash your hands OFTEN!!!

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