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Hi Guys,

I've got it bad at the mo Not been to work for 2 days, Mind you, it feels like i'm getting a bit better, May even go to work Saturday if i'm still about.

Glad its only normal flu and not swine flu, but how can i tell the difference?? I think the warm weather here in the UK is cheering me up a little.

Just a bad cough and chest now, I think i'm on the mend.

@ Lasto, I'm still about mate, you won't get rid of me that quick

cant believe you still about.I throught u passed over tbh
I heard the staff where looking for someone to fill the gap you where about to create (only kidding)

Anyway you aint got swine flu - you just suffering from a minor cold which goes under the name of man-flu.It does not affect women as this is a strain of flu that only affects men and make them think they are suffering more than they actually are.
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