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Originally Posted by CarlitoBrigante View Post
my experience comes from about 200 forums
And mine comes from over 10,000+ protected websites

Originally Posted by CarlitoBrigante View Post
On a note, your russian IP is being blocked because it is on a well-known spambot list: amazing, isn't it? If I were a company specialized on anti-spambot measures,
If I am, then I simply have to know how ordinary user/IP from commonly used ISPs is affected by various spamming and antispamming techniques

Originally Posted by CarlitoBrigante View Post
One more note to the poster: I believe it is better to have strong anti-spam measures that do not punish the good users like Akismet
  • routinely being (anti-)helpfully used by blackhat SEO to dump competitors,
  • that is inherently retroactive, i.e. doomed to always lag behind the newly invented spamming techniques and approaches,
  • dumping legit users web resource owners never see
  • is illegal for use in Germany and other EU countries,
  • etc.

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