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Questions and Answers

Is there a trademark?


What's the difference between Ultimate(full version) and Lite?

I can't say much about it here. Read more here.

Is This Only For Google Adsense? Or Can We Use Ads Provided By Other Companies Too?

The lite version only allows for Google Adsense. The Ultimate Version allows flash and image link based banners. We focused on security as our #1 priority. Limiting what users can input into your vBulletin software is crucial since most advertising banners are HTML Based. Future versions may include adbrite and other requests if the demand is there.

I am confused what exactly is the price of the full version and does that price also include forum slider and such?

I can't talk about prices here since its' against vB rules. But yes to second question.

It can be used for all versions 4.x instead?

Yes, it should work for all versions of vBulletin.

Introducing vBSocial 10

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