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Originally Posted by JacquiiCooke View Post

Right now - it's obvious that as an entity doesn't give a flying _______.
((whatever horrible or not-so-horrible word you can think of will likely fit in the blank space))

Seriously Jacquii? I (and most of the rest of the staff) are here as volunteers. We are using our own time and energy to keep vBulletin modifications safe for everyone. Even confirming it is an exploit might give people ideas and risk the security of everyone who has this installed.

Regardless of the reason the e-mail contains the suggested course of action (disable the mod). I will not have any pity for those who received the email and chose to ignore it. If anyone is that interested in fixing the mod itself then review the code and fix any exploits you find- no one is stopping you. That goes for every mod here, quarantined or not.
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