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Originally Posted by BirdOPrey5 View Post
Seriously Jacquii?
Yes. Seriously Joe.
If I wasn't serious - I likely wouldn't have posted it. And though the language I used may be a bit strong for the subject matter at hand.... The suggestion that members here who have installed a modification be given a weeee bit more info than, "exploit. disable mod until further notice" is as well. It's a solid idea and it's a strong idea and you can see that it's a valid idea by the bulk of commentary in this thread.

Also - FWIW - I appreciate very much the all volunteer staff here at - I always have and as long as my boards are running vBulletin = I always will.

But being an all volunteer staff isn't an excuse for providing little to absolutely-no information to the users of modifications here.

That's all - and hopefully my posts will inspire a conversation amongst the staff members regarding this ridiculous no-info-upon-graveyard policy. Specifically - how to better it so that the Jacquii's of the world won't have a reason to +++++ -- Drama queen? Not hardly. Someone curious about what the exploit is and why we're not given one iota of a detail regarding it? Sure.


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Originally Posted by Bomyne View Post
Do i have to disable it in plugins/products or is using the mod's off switch enough?

EDIT Nevermind! Turning it off has no effect what so ever... I'll disable it.

Disabling it still leaves it accessable! What's going on?
Disabling it does indeed leave it accessible.
You should probably just turn the entire arcade off via Arcade Main Settings.
Perhaps to go a step further would be to rename your arcade.php file to something else until a fix is announced.

Of course such info might have been helpful if included in the super-useful quarantine email...

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