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Hello -

I need a little help on how to accomplish this using xperience in conjunction with other plugins.

1. Have a store where users can add items for purchase. For example, a bakery owner might put up a dozen cookies that will cost 100 points, a dog walker would put up an hour of walks for 25 points, etc.

2. Have actions generate different kinds of cash. So for example,
- one kind of points generated from specific actions like winning a high score in v3arcade. These points could be spent in the user stores.
- another set of points generated by other actions like posting in the forum. Those points would be added to their account to also buy those store items, PLUS they could be spent to purchase "perks" from my own site.

So the second set of points could be spent anywhere, but the first set of points could only be spent in the user stores.

I'm sure with all the options in xperience and the different cash plugins this is possible, but after a couple of weeks of trying to figure it out, I can't quite wrap my head around it.
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