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Question (Firfox - The Connection is Untrusted)

Dear! I am getting a bit anoyed by this Firefox message appearing almost everytime I clear my cookies and open firefox to get inside, and I get this message every time, Now I know very well, and as I speak a bit english and I know many Danish people does as well, but let me also tell you that our people is very very carefull for what they are doing online! And to be honest, even myself when I see this message on other website, I simply close it and never go there again! And so does many others, And in my case the first 2-3 times I really had to be sure that what i was looking at was actually right, and that it was a message that really were blocking me from getting to This is totally WRONG! And I know that this site is maybe one of those website that I TRUST most and the most reliable and trusted websites, with no maleware or any other illegal stuff!

Here is how the message looks like:

I live in Denmark, and the first 3-4 times I ignored the message, and i clicked on the I UNDERSTAND THE RISKS! or the "ADD EXCEPTION"! I dont know if its only happening to me, but I am sure that is getting blocked by firefox!

Now how come that firefox is taking as a non Secured connection, or as they call it "UNTRUSTED"!

But what about those people who are carefull using the internet, I am sure they will never use if they saw that message! I am here to help out, and
to inform you guys about it! And trully it makes me angry very much!
Because the message is out of line and not good for the reputation! A

I think vBulletin or the host have the power to contact the Firefox management and tell them about it! I will attach and image from today!

I hope I will an answer to this.. Thanks a lot
I am having a little break from vB Developing. I am trying to finish my PHP and MYSQL courses for now. I will answer all my PM's if anyone needed help for my products, but only when I can be online on Its great to see new and old developers keeping alive! Thank you all for your support!CM
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