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If you give a look at:
you can get a global idea on how the styles market works.

1.- There is only one style for vB5, but I can say that 126 sales is a good number.

2.- There are also 8 styles for vB4. One of them 938 sales, another one has 700. As I've bought both of them, I can say that the one with 700 sales is better. Then why the other has 35%+ more sales.

The answer is simple. Because it mimisks the rensponsive design. vB4 does not support rensponsive design, but even a style which gives that feeling will get some points more.

Other than this, and because you said that you've worked in the past for vBulletin, prepare yourself for a big disappointment. vBulletin market has shrinked so much last years. Even to free scripts/styles. Give a look in the installations and you'll understand it.
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