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I'm in the same boat as everyone else since the photobucket issues. Sadly this mod has been on my todo list for almost a year and I never quite got there

It's now installed and running nicely (excluding photobucket at the moment), although with a shade under 1.1 million posts to trawl through it's going to take a while. I'm on a dedicated box so have pushed it up to 1000 posts per run and it seems to be coping (although I had to disable URL caching as it ran out of memory very quickly).

On the photobucket side there are a range of plugin for Chrome which claim to get around the issue, some are marked as dead already but at lease one is working for me.

While I'm sure that Photobucket will be killing these sorts of work around off as quickly as they can, I do wonder if this sort of approach could be built into this mod, even if it's only short lived, giving us all a chance to pull as many images as we can, while we can.

I have no idea what this would take, but I'd happily put in some $$ for the time it takes to get this up and running.
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