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I need not write anything. 3 years ago I would have agreed to start with VB 3.x or 4.x, but it has been a LONG 3 years. Development of VB 3.x and 4.x is dead. They will no longer get even basic PHP updates. If PayPal makes a breaking change tomorrow you'll be out of luck. They are on borrowed time. Even commercial responsive styles for VB 3.x/4.x don't hold a candle to the built in style in VB5.

If I was starting a new forum today with vBulletin I would 100% use VB5, or I wouldn't bother at all. No one is "making me" say anything. I am only trying to help those who don't understand the current situation.

VB5 isn't perfect, it is slower than VB3 and VB4, it does not support forums as large (in either number of forums nor numbers of posts) as VB3 or VB4, but unless the forum is a 1 in a million success story (very very unlikely) you will be fine with VB5 for years before you need worry and by then the issues will likely be resolved as they are already far better than they were in the early days of VB5.
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