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Originally Posted by Carnage- View Post
Really, what i'd like to do is redo the whole of the javascript, this mod was written before I'd learn about js frameworks like yui and jQuery.
Speaking of YUI and jQuery, please do not hard code your static content like Javascript and images into your mod. (Not that you have... I don't recall).

In other words, please make your mod "CDN Friendly" (Content Delivery Network Friendly), like YUI. We serve our JS and images from a CDN.

Some coders hard code the paths to these scripts and images into their PHP code, which makes it hard to serve the static content via a CDN. Our CDN currently serves around 110 GB per week;

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We have used both Amazon CloudFront and SimpleCDN Mirror Bucket. Because of the features of SimpleCDN, we ported from CF to SimpleCDN, FYI.
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