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Originally Posted by Tony G

Right. Anyway, my wink doesn't mean what I said isn't true. It's true. I'm suprised so many members want comments like that to give them hope. Isn't there a bit more to contributing here besides the hope you'll be a mod one day? There's always got to be that want to help people in your mind. With enough people with that attitude the support here would improve.
I realize all members need to give a much support at possible. You know as well as I do that the staff here has a life away from the board (we've had this discussion in private). The staff is still very thin and needs to either devote more time or expand a bit.

Support I think that 'most' coders/designers try to devote as much time to support as possible, I find it a matter of pride since it's something I've released. It does get tough when the members never return a thank you or show appreciation.

As far as me using the 'wink' in my post to Tony, I wasn't as patient as I should have been in the past to Tony so I'm making an effort to show him I do appreciate him. okay...

Originally Posted by Erwin
I think people need to understand one thing - staff here at are ALL volunteers (with the exception of Wayne and Zachery who are both official Jelsoft employees). The rest of us, including Brad, Xenon and myself, are volunteers - we do not get paid. The turn-around and support at is better because the staff there are PAID staff - it's their job.
I guess that's why Zachery feels everyone is expendable and can be abusive to the members (I can provide posts if needed. ie: example)..
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