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Originally Posted by dartho View Post
Sorry but I I don't have vbseo so can not look at this. But if it is just a matter of some hooks needing to be added to templates it would be trivial to do if you could find out which hooks are used by the vbseo hack.
Yeah, loud n clear

You could export the style from your site, including your customisations, and re-install that as per the suggested 'fix' ?
Yep, this fixes the problem but another problem rises:
1. If installed as a Standard skin, then the error is fixed!
2. If installed as a mobile skin, the same error comes

Problem: Using vB's default style assignment the theme doesn't appear to be selective under Settings > Options > Style & Language Settings (for mobile themes)

I bet, this' not your fault. vB team was supposed to allow any skin from standard to mobile can be selected to be assigned for mobile users. I see no point of forcing someone to categorize them (IMHO)

What's your suggestion?
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