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Originally Posted by Mr Peabody View Post
Absolute rubbish. I've run VBulletin for 15 years and migrated to VB5 at the beginning of the year. my only issue with VB5 is how long its taken to get to where it is now whic cost them customers and killed the modding community.
My site is by no means small and to say Xenforo is without issues is absolute BS.

Having said that If I started a new forum I probably would go with Xenforo just to try it out but I'm sick of this trashing of VB by people who don't even use the software anymore and have obvious agenda's.
I'm actually using Xenforo for my other forum. It's not a bad forum software at all. My only problem with Xenforo are the themes. They are seriously ugly lol. Vbulletin by far has the best styles. When it comes down to addon Xenforo is full of them. Lots of mods but the difference between vb and theirs is that you have to pay for most of them.
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