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Loosely translated from Turkish as:

Why do people want to defame someone
There is only one reason for this vbulletin has neutralized all the people who are fraudulent and defrauding the nation vbullettin 5 is one of the best forums ever, what they said fox polluted a food that it could not buy, this issue happens to you vbulletin 5 is better than all infrastructure forums on security right now xenforo ib These are already inspired by vbulletin, there is something like vb5 internet phenomenon in a near future.If the developers of vb5 are in place, I will sell my brand for 250 usd and 890 usd if the people who will disgrace my brand come soon, or I will stop the use of the product because of the name pollution.
vbulletin candır gerisi heyecandır belki birbirimizi dil yüzünden iyi anlayamıyoruz ama vbulletin seviyorum ben : D: yukarı:
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