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Originally Posted by thebigman87 View Post
Hello Shelley, love your work.

Would it be possible to get this set matted for are forums?

Also if you could do any of these buttons we would be most great full
"Post Download"
"Thanks" (just a thumb will do, nice and small like your multiquote buttons)

Thanks for your time
If you didn't notice, I'm not currently supporting this release because the buttons reside on 3 seperate PSD files so making full background modifications becomes time consuming. I will make a point to give this priority and plan on migrating the buttons on one psd and slicing them so for the type of modification your asking for will be quick and painless. Give me a couple of days and I will accommodate your request.

PS Your link is broken and you will need to have this fixed so I can see what colour backgrounds you have when I get around to making the alterations you requested.

Originally Posted by Animecraving View Post
i need a black matted thanks button if you can make it for me.
and it would be nice if you have the announcement icon with black matted
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