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Certainly the links in question would have served their purpose very well indeed, but I'm sure you'd agree there's a big difference between presenting them to someone who deserves to be banned, and someone who is innocently perusing a forum such as this.

Perhaps if a warning had been posted, there would have been less reason to criticize. It was extremely annoying having to force-quit with 6 tabs open, and totally unexpected here at vB, which is a site I have great faith in, and respect for.

But I completely agree that sharing is what makes a community work, and everyone is free to choose whatever they feel is right for their own site and levels of ability. Perhaps my critisicm of the modification itself was a little harsh, since not everyone is comfortable writing plug-ins, however simple they may seem to those with more experience.

Anyways, no hard feelings here either, life's way too short for that.
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