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Originally Posted by UKBusinessLive View Post

The popup popups up on every page load, and every refresh you can adjust the code to include a cookie counter, but thenit'll show just once, so it defeats the object, you could decrease the showtime so it dissapears quicker, The general idea was to use it to promote your forum to guests, once they've signed up it stops.

Mind you you can use this as a basis for something completely different and change the conditionals to reflect this.

Yep, but in that way is good to work only with guests...
If I make some message for registered members, they will be going crazy if message pop-up on every page they load. LOL

Two questions:

1. Sorry for stupid question, will that MOD confuze google spider and all other spiders in any way, when they index my forum (I do not know, so I ask)

2. Is there chance to create/alter this pop-up so we can have it in ACP and change messages there, and also option for cookie based session.
(Show pop-up to registered user, and when he close it...that is it).

Sorry for my english language...
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