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Originally Posted by merk_aus View Post
Thanks for this mod exactly what I was looking for my site last night had like 20 members online and 80 guests watching all the guests they were just reading all of the threads and leaving and so this is perfect.
But then why make people register if they are just going to be an empty account?

I have over 1000 guests on and 200 members on at almost all points during the day. If I come to a site that makes me register...I click the back button and find another site with the same information. I guess some of you guys don't realize, but the internet is full of free information...and most of the time they can find that same info elsewhere.

I would rather have people register because they want to, not because they are forced to. That creates a more quality based forum, rather than quantity with a bunch of empty accounts filling up the database.

But hey, what do I know...alexa rank: 15k, ~90k members, 40k uniques daily...
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